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TLBB ( Dragon Oath Europe ) – gameplay review


Here you can read my preliminary Dragon Oath post.

Dragon Oath, known also as TLBB (Tian Long Ba Bu) is a Chinese MMORPG recently made available around the world. I played on the European servers so my impression is related to them only.

TLBB Dragon Oath Europe
I downloaded and started the game with great expectations so when I saw the camera rotation restrictions I was a bit disappointed. The game camera is not freely rotated like other Asian MMORPG games, you can freely rotate around your character but the min and max camera height are very close and you look at the game from a certain angle. I really prefer to have much freedom of movement and to see larger area around my character, this helps a lot in PVP battles or even in standard PVE gameplay.
TLBB Dragon Oath Europe
As most Asian games TLBB has beautiful and eye catching graphics. Players can enjoy fantasy sceneries and Chinese themed towns. I spent some time just sight-seeing and walking mindlessly around the world.
TLBB Dragon Oath Europe
Your character starts is journey in a beautiful Eastern town with many NPC and missions. In fact your starting town is large enough to get lost several times. This is not a problem because you can easily find a NPC or coordinates by clicking on it in the quest window or on the map. The game start with quests and you will have to do more and more quests. I prefer simple grinding but quests give you more experience and you level up faster through them. At some point somewhere around level four or five you must kill some mobs. The mobs on the first environment map are relatively weak, character level 5 easily kills level 10 enemies. Anyway quests give you more experience. There are treasure boxes all around the map, even in towns. You can open them and get their reward. Soon your inventory will be full of some boring stuff like bread (equivalent to potions in other games) and so on.
After two hours running mindlessly doing quests I was level 10 and I was allowed to join a class. I selected a pyromancer because I like to have strong attack and I don’t care for defense or hit points. There is no quest for joining a class, you just need to select join from the class representative menu after talking to him. After joining a class I receive a bunch of teleport tokens to go directly to my class palace.
The skills of pyromancers are awesome but you are overpowered against mobs even without skills.
I almost forgot about pets. You will have a mission to level up an ugly bunny. I really don’t care about pets in games but now they are fashionable. Leveling up your bunny is easy enough, you need to kill two level 1 mobs. Capturing your next pet – a duckling is also easy, I succeeded from the first try. But if you bring your pet to fight higher level mobs they will attack it rather than you. After joining a class you can claim a pet from the representative. I got something like hedgehog.
TLBB Dragon Oath Europe
  • Pyromancer - For weapons Pyromancers use spears and falcons. They give up defense for a short in order to have a powerful attack. They have the most powerful attack of all nine classes in TLBB.
  • Lotus Order - Lotus Order members use single or dual one-handed swords. They have ability to absorb damage and to heal.
  • Royalty - They prefer to use their finger than any weapon. Anyway their weapons of choice are Fan and Chakram. They have skills to stun the enemy or reduce his spirit abilities.
  • Minstrel - Minstrels rely on devices and traps to fight the enemies. Their weapons of choice are Fan and Chakram.
  • Taoist - Taoists use single or dual one-handed swords.
  • Voodoo - Voodoo members use single or dual one handed swords as their weapon. They are the weakest as physical strength and so they rely on poisons to inflict damage. They have strong defense against spirit.
  • Assassin - Assassins master the physical and ice attack, they prefer to do quick and powerful combo hits. They have a skill to become invisible. Their weapons of choice are fan and chakram.
  • Beggars Alliance - They use combination of moves and each hit increases the damage of their next attack. They can use poisons. They use falcons and spears.
  • Shaolin - They use falcons and spears. They have good offensive and defensive powers. 
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