Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Site: http://shaiya.aeriagames.com/
Status: Free-to-play

is cool 3D MMORPG created by Sonov Entertainment. The action is set in a medieval fantasy world where players must choose between light and darkness.

At the beginning new players must choose between Alliance of Light(Human and Elves) or Union of Fury(Nordein and Vail).

In Shaiya players can choose game difficulty from easy, normal, hard and ultimate. Although it is said that in easy mode players need less experience to reach the next level I didn't notice such behavior, and my character in easy mode had less drop than that in normal one.

Races and Classes
Human can choose between Defender(tank), Fighter(melee) and Priest(healer)
Elf - Ranger(damage dealer with high evasion), Archer and Mage
Nordein - Guardian(tank), Warrior(melee) and Hunter(ranged weapons - archer)
Vail - Assassin(like elf Ranger), Pagan(mage with high damage and Area of effect skills) and Oracle(healer)

There are a lot of interesting quests with good rewards in Shaiya - items with awesome stats bonuses, money and experience.

What I don't like - when player attacks a mob and it attacks back, if the player change its position the mob will run to the first one, stops a while and then run to you. Also mobs can't chase. And PVP with invitation and without PK is a little boring.



  1. so happy that you are also a fun of StarCraft :-)

  2. This one is interesting. The concept of the game is quite captivating, if I may say. Maybe, tomorrow, I can soon play this game.

  3. Ive played Shaiya for ages and i have to say its a game that ive actually sticked to for a long time. Its got a large community of friendly gamers. The graphic is decent and the gameplay is interesting. Its a good game to try. Its has so many different aspects like upgrading ur armor and weapon to riding horses...


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