Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Magic World Online

Site: http://mwo.enjoymmo.com/

Magic World Online is yet another free-to-play MMORPG. It has plain, 2D graphics with not much character customization – the only choice is the character class, gender and fraction. This is maybe the only drawback of the game. MWO brings memories of Diablo 2 with its graphics and gamestyle. The game interface is relatively convenient, if you need to go on some map coordinates, you can click on the map and your character will go there. The skills, stats and so on windows are intuitive, even newbie players wont face difficulties.

Magic World Online MWO

At the beginning you can make a choice between four starting classes – Warrior, Archer, Summoner, and Mage. Later all of the classes have multiple possibilities for specialization. The first class change is at level 15. My first character was summoner and I was pleased to see actually useful and powerful summons, even the first elf.

Class Tree
  • Warrior

    • Berserker (15)
      • Dire Warrior (30)

        • Devil Rider Warrior (50) - Unregenerate Demon (65)
        • Storm Warrior (50) - Thunder Storm Demon (65)

    • Shadow Knight (15)
      • Temple Warrior (30)

        • Great Hero (50) - Heroic Mars (65)
        • Knights Templar (50) - Saint Cavalier (65)

  • Archer

    • Bounty Hunter (15)
      • Jungle Ranger (30)

        • Sniper King (50) - Sunsmashing Ares (65)
        • Dragon Slayer (50) - Sunscreening Master (65)

    • Stalker (15)
      • Assassin (30)

        • Night Lord (50) - Capricorn Sage (65)
        • Dark Fiend (50) - Scorpio Progenitor (65)

  • Summoner

    • Necromancer(15)
      • Nature Guard (30)

        • Undead Manipulator (50) - Ghostdom Sage (65)
        • Necromancer Master (50) - Dragoncalling Master (65)

    • Illusionist (15)
      • Soul Manipulator (30)

        • Devil Beastmaster (50) - Illusion Angel (65)
        • Golden Beastmaster (50) - Falling Angel (65)

  • Mage
    • Fire Mage (15)
      • Flame Magic Mentor (30)

        • Firedragon Pontifex (50) - Dragonbaking Master (65)
        • Flame Oracle (50) - Blaze Pluto (65)

    • Ice Mage (15)
      • Ice Magic Mentor (30)

        • Ice Dragon Oracle (50) - Freezing Uranus (65)
        • Ice World Pontifex (50) - Frosty Neptune (65)

The MWO client comes with a built in bot, which puts aside some of the game grinding. Even while I write this post, the bot is working hard for its food. It is highly customizable and I actually like it. Of course if you are not careful enough, the bot can get your character killed easily.

Magic World Online MWO

Quests / Experience / Drop
The game has many different quests. Players start with an intro quest and meet their class master in it. The experience and item drop are enough to keep the game entertaining. You can level up relatively fast and if you get bored you can leave the bot to do its job.

Magic World Online MWO

Players meet a variety of monster types in game. There are some monsters with special aura, marked as elite – they are stronger than normal mobs but they drop more and better items.

Mass gaming, castle sieges
I haven’t met many players at the low level towns and fields. And I haven’t been on a siege as you can guess. I look forward for one though.

Magic World Online MWOMagic World Online MWOMagic World Online MWOMagic World Online MWO

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  1. yep...its a nice game....but too many ppl mobbing each other...


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