Friday, December 11, 2009

Ether Saga Online


Ether Saga Online (ESO) is a free-to-play MMORPG by the creators of Perfect World, Perfect World Entertainment. The game features beautiful, anime-like graphics with some cool in-game systems.
Ether Saga Online

Many gamers find the ESO play style somewhat similar to Perfect World style. The game has many quests and leveling up through quests is fast enough. So, although the game is Korean, the grind level is relatively low.

Races and Classes:
Players can choose between there races – Renzu, Shenzu and Yaoh.

  • Dragoon – uses lance and heavy armor. Dragoons are the tank equivalents.
  • Rogue uses dagger. Rogues are damage dealers.
  • Mystic – healer class.
  • Ranger – uses a bow, and can cast de-buffs. Another DD class.
  • Conjurer – equivalent to battle mage, DD class.
  • Shaman – something between healer and tank. Your shaman character can cast buffs, tanks, fights. Uses hammer and heavy armor.
Ether Saga Online

More game features:
  • Quest and Navigation Systems are integrated; you will always find where your quest target is located.
  • Element Leveling up – as you level up, you will receive points that can be assigned to specific elements. The elements have different properties and will affect greatly your gameplay.
  • Skills – each class has unique skills. Characters receive additional skills, related to the day; they were created (birthday skills). Also ESO offers group skills for player guilds.
  • Pet System – but lately almost all MMOs have pet systems. Do you have a pet home? I have cats … Together with the pet system comes the fusion system – something like morph system, players can fuse with their pets and gain new abilities. (I want to have cat ears and tail in the real life)
  • Monster Card System – another morph system, you can collect monster cards and transform into the respective monsters. 
Ether Saga OnlineEther Saga OnlineEther Saga OnlineEther Saga OnlineEther Saga OnlineEther Saga OnlineEther Saga Online

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