Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Angels Online


Angels Online is a free-to-play, 2D MMORPG. The game is available for PC and PlayStation 3.

Character classes:

  • Protector – best tank, can wear plate armor.

  • Warrior - tank with axe, can wear plate armor.

  • Swordman – sword skills, have high damage skills, can wear plate armor.

  • Spearman – have ranged damage, can wear plate armor.

  • Archer – have ranged damage, can wear Leather Armor.

  • Priest – healing spells, defensive spells and assistance spells

  • Summoner – curse spells, summon spells and have the ability to wear Cloth Armor

  • Wizard – destructive spells and have the ability to wear Cloth Armor

  • Magician – earth spells (temptation and transmutability spells), they have somewhat strong melee attack and have the ability to wear Cloth Armor

  • Weapon Craftsman – can forge metal weapons, dig ore, lumber and control robots.

  • Armor Craftsman – can forge lightweight and heavy armor, collect, lumber and control robots.

  • Tailor – can forge mage robes and cloth armor, collect, fist and control robots.

  • Technician – can develop robot accessories, forge ornaments and staves, collect, lumber and control robots.

  • Chef – can make food that improve abilities, collect, fist and control robots.

Angel Lyceum
Angel Lyceum is the place where new characters are spawned. It is the place to learn how to play and to obtain some credits by making simple quests.

Pet System
Pets can assist players in battle, can get experience and level up. Some of the available pets are Wind Elf, Water Elf, Earth Elf, Fire Elf, Wolf.

Mount System
Players can ride different type of mounts – steed, lizard, tusk boar, gerbil, dark wolf, raptor.

PvP & Credit
Angel Credit is the way players are evaluated in Eden. You can obtain credit points by doing quests, crafting or PVP. Players with enough Angel Credit can buy special items and accept certain quests.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Zhu Xian Online


Zhu Xian Online is a Chinese MMORPG by Beijing Perfect World Co. currently in closed beta. It features cool graphics and fantasy gameplay. Zhu Xian is based on the popular Chinese internet novel by Xiao Ding.

There is a Philippines Closed Beta on

Game features:

  • Pets - pets evolve - grow, get new skills, and bring special talisman to their owners.

  • Mounts

  • Talismans

  • Quests
    some quests are for couples, groups and guilds

  • 3D pathing systems

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