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Metin2 is a MMORPG in an oriental style. It is a free to play and download game with Asian sceneries, cool warriors, powerful magicians and frightening martial artists.
Metin2 Ninja

Graphics and impression
The game features beautiful scenery graphics and the characters and mobs animations are relatively good. (There are some MMORPG with very poor animation of walking and fighting). The characters are not very customizable – you can’t choose anything but class and gender. The fighting animations are pretty cool – your character moves and fights making impression of a dance.

The game has a lot of missions. You can start doing quests right from the beginning. At level 5 you can choose your specialization for skills and weapons.
Metin2 fight

Mobs fight in groups, at high levels you will encounter aggressive mobs that attack you on sight. All classes can do area of effect (AoE) damage and the low levels are relatively easy. Leveling up is fast and fun. The quests give a lot of money, experience and bonuses so they worth their time.
Metin2 magic fight shaman

You can join or create a guild and participate in Guild Fights. Any guild can take possession of one of the strongholds, hire and train NPCs to guard it.
Standard or non-standard PVP is available from level 15. You can ask people for Duel, fight players from another empire or select the "free" option from the PVP menu. The free option allows you to attack and to be attacked by any character in the game.

Metin2 warrior

  • Warrior – melee character with heavy armor and a lot of strength. At level 5 they can specialize for better attack and speed or better deffence.
  • Ninja – high dexterity characters with light armor. Ninjas can specialize with bows or daggers. I am not sure why this class is called ninja not thief (it is like any other thief character in most of the MMORPGs.)
  • Sura – they combines long range magic with close range sword fight. At level 5 they can choose to specialize their long range spells or develop their close range fighting abilities.
  • Shaman – the magic users. A shaman can choose to be a support character with healing and buff spells or damage dealer with attack spells.
For more detailed view on the game classes read the Metin2 Wiki.

In Metin2 the player meets a conflict between tree empires: Chunjo Empire, Shinsoo Empire and Jinno Empire. They fight for the domination over the continent, honor, glory and in-game bonuses.

Overall Impression
Metin2 is awesome MMORPG. Yes, there is some grinding but the game has a lot of quest and you can minimize it a lot.
Metin2 assassin

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