Monday, December 28, 2009



DragonSky is martial arts MMORPG game published by Aeria Games. The game is fast and action oriented, with many cool features like massive PvP battles, duels, bounty hunting, guilds, story-line quests, crafting and much more.

The game world represents an ancient China with some beautiful, fantasy motives. Two well-known fractions meet each other on the battlefield – Tigers and Dragons.

DragonSky have a little different system for characters and skills – there are no classes and any character can learn any skill. Leveling up and getting rank experience in game is achieved through killing monsters. Some items or equipment require your character to be a particular level or higher before using them. DragonSky has one more type of experience – Zen experience. You can acquire Zen experience through meditation. Zen experience influence learning of different martial arts and some skills.

The game has four different weapon types: Fist, Sword, Spear, and Hammer. Each weapon group has five martial arts associated with it.

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