Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Seventh Dragon

Site: http://dragon.bg-time.com/

The Seventh Dragon is a browser based strategy MMO set in a vast, fantasy world of Asan. The game allow players to choose from three races, each with own unique set of units and specialties. Players can recruit heroes to battle for them against other players.
Construct your castle and buildings, produce resources, hire heroes and armies, equip them and conquer!

The Seventh Dragon

Players can select between three playable races – Human, Elf or Undead. Each race has seven different unit types and the units get stronger after some time.
Humans – they worship light. Their units are Spearman, Archer, Griffin, Bishop, Swordsman, Knight and Angel.
Elves – they worship nature. Their units are Kentauros, Leprechaun, Elf Guard, Pegasus, Dryad, Unicorn and Green dragon.
Undead – their units are Skeleton, Zombie, Ghost, Vampire, Lich, Dark Knight and Dragon Zombie.
There are two more races listed on the official site but when I created my account they weren’t available for players. The two races are Devil and Neutral, each of them has seven different types of units.

In The Seventh Dragon players can construct and upgrade buildings like Command Center, Warehouse, Tavern, Guildhall, Farmland and more. Buildings take some time to be constructed and only one building can be constructed at a time. The higher the level the longer its construction time is.

The 7th dragon

Quests and Help
The MMO has quite helping introducing tutorial-quests with in-game reward. Later in game, there is a quest-mission for defeating the Devil boss Kaberos and send him back to hell.

The Seventh Dragon

Fighting, collecting and hunting can be accomplished only by dispatched heroes. The abilities of a hero affect the units. Heroes can be recruited from a Tavern. Higher level Tavern will offer more heroes of a time. Heroes level up from battles with Devil Castles, Monsters or other Players.

New players have protection against external attacks for nine days.

Yea, the idea behind the game units and development of the castles looks very similar to Heroes of Might and Magic series.

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