Sunday, December 6, 2009

Glimpse at Guild Wars 2


New trailer of the long waited MMORPG Guild Wars 2 have been released few days ago. The new trailer shows the races of Tyria – asura, norn, humans, charr, and sylvari.

Races of Tyria:

Asura are races of intelligent people, living beneath the surface of the world of Tyria. They are inventors, alchemists and spell casters. They use complex, magical machines (golems).
Norn – they use the spirits of nature – wolf, lynx, bear. They will be able to shapeshift.
Charr – furious fighters with urge to conquer.
Humans – where we can go without humans?
Sylvary – plant spirits race.

Guild Wars 2 looks like it will be the next big title out there with a massive, fantasy world and challenging adventures.

Guild Wars 2 teaser trailer:

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