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Metin2 is a MMORPG in an oriental style. It is a free to play and download game with Asian sceneries, cool warriors, powerful magicians and frightening martial artists.
Metin2 Ninja

Graphics and impression
The game features beautiful scenery graphics and the characters and mobs animations are relatively good. (There are some MMORPG with very poor animation of walking and fighting). The characters are not very customizable – you can’t choose anything but class and gender. The fighting animations are pretty cool – your character moves and fights making impression of a dance.

The game has a lot of missions. You can start doing quests right from the beginning. At level 5 you can choose your specialization for skills and weapons.
Metin2 fight

Mobs fight in groups, at high levels you will encounter aggressive mobs that attack you on sight. All classes can do area of effect (AoE) damage and the low levels are relatively easy. Leveling up is fast and fun. The quests give a lot of money, experience and bonuses so they worth their time.
Metin2 magic fight shaman

You can join or create a guild and participate in Guild Fights. Any guild can take possession of one of the strongholds, hire and train NPCs to guard it.
Standard or non-standard PVP is available from level 15. You can ask people for Duel, fight players from another empire or select the "free" option from the PVP menu. The free option allows you to attack and to be attacked by any character in the game.

Metin2 warrior

  • Warrior – melee character with heavy armor and a lot of strength. At level 5 they can specialize for better attack and speed or better deffence.
  • Ninja – high dexterity characters with light armor. Ninjas can specialize with bows or daggers. I am not sure why this class is called ninja not thief (it is like any other thief character in most of the MMORPGs.)
  • Sura – they combines long range magic with close range sword fight. At level 5 they can choose to specialize their long range spells or develop their close range fighting abilities.
  • Shaman – the magic users. A shaman can choose to be a support character with healing and buff spells or damage dealer with attack spells.
For more detailed view on the game classes read the Metin2 Wiki.

In Metin2 the player meets a conflict between tree empires: Chunjo Empire, Shinsoo Empire and Jinno Empire. They fight for the domination over the continent, honor, glory and in-game bonuses.

Overall Impression
Metin2 is awesome MMORPG. Yes, there is some grinding but the game has a lot of quest and you can minimize it a lot.
Metin2 assassin

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mini Ninjas

Have you dreamed to be a ninja? Do you want to experience adventure like never before? Do you like to watch animes like Naruto?

Mini Ninjas is a fun, action-adventure game developed by IO Interactive. In the role of Hiro or the other ninjas you will receive the mission to stop the Evil Samurai Warlord. Can you save the world from evil?

The game offers free movements through the world for better exploration and battles.

No killing. Mini Ninjas offers fun and battles without actual cruelty. Your enemies are transformed with evil magic innocent animals. Your role is to lift the curse from them and save them. So Mini Ninjas is game appropriate for kids - it is rated 10+ with Crude Humor and Cartoon Violence.

Hiro – the youngest of all Mini Ninjas. He can use Kuji Magic to posses animals and cast fireballs. His main weapon in battle is the sword.

Futo - the biggest Mini Ninja with the giant hammer. Futo is Hiro’s best friend.

Suzume - she is the most fragile and swift of all the ninjas. Suzume uses her flute in battle. She has a special melody that makes her enemies dance in the middle of combat.

Suzume gameplay

Tora – he uses a pair of self-made tiger claws in battle.

Kunoichi – she is the youngest girl from the Mini Ninjas. She uses spear (Naginata).

Shun - he uses a bow as his main weapon.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Florensia – first impression


Florensia is a fantasy, 3D, sea and land MMOG, free to play and download.


The world of Florensia is consisted of several islands and a huge ocean. You can fight land battles and grow your character on the land or go and fight sea battles, construct your ship and hire your crew. Land gameplay is your average MMORPG gameplay - the character attacks mobs, gets experience, learn skill and so on.
Leveling up is available for sea and land battles separately. Your land level won’t affect your sea level.

Noble fighting.

At the beginning the game meets you with long tutorial screens but believe me you’ll need to know what you are doing. The land battles are somewhat alike many other MMORPGs but the sea battle is a way different. You need to know how to assemble a ship. You also need to know how to repair it and how to hire a crew. I recommend you to do all beginning quests and carefully read the tutorial.

To assemble a ship you need to talk to dockyard owner NPC.

Sea battles at the beginning feel a little strange. It is not your usual type of game. Sea navigation is somewhat hard but it is a great adventure. I don’t like the Torpedo ship anyway.

Torpedo Ship for apprentices.

You can use five different ship types - Armored Ship, Big Gun Ship, Assault Ship, Torpedo Ship or Maintenance Ship.

Florensia has four starting classes – Explorer, Mercenary, Noble and Saint. At level 40 you can start a class change quest.

Explorer – Uses mainly gun-type weapons. He can also use sword. Explorers have limited defense powers and can’t use heavy armors. At level 40 can become Snipers or Excavators.
Mercenary – mercenaries use swords (of course). They have high strength, high constitution and high defense powers. Mercenaries are weak against magical attack. At level 40 they can become Gladiators or Guardian Swordsmans.
Noble - nobles are the magic users in Florensia. They have AoE (area of effect) damage spells and weak defense. At level 40 they can become Magic Knights or Magicians.
Saint – The Saint is the game healer. At level 40 he or she can become Priest or Shaman.

You can make a choice – to be a pirate or to join the Royal army but I haven’t tried this yet.

She repairs your ship.

Friday, September 11, 2009

James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

James Cameron's Avatar: The Game is an upcoming video game by Ubisoft. The game is an adaptation of James Cameron's film Avatar. Less is known about the game. I haven't met even what genre it would be. On the other hand Ubisoft announced that they are using the same 3D technology as the film. Some of the characters in the game would be voiced by the respective actors from the film. The game will be released for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, PC(Windows) and PlayStation Portable.

The film: James Cameron's Avatar is an upcoming 3D fiction film.It's going to be released on 18 December this year.

Further reading:
Avatar, the film

ATI Eyefinity

Expect the new monster from AMD - ATI Eyefinity.
Have you dreamed for unbelievable experience playing the next generation MMORPG? Newer, better, bigger virtual worlds and virtual reality.

Yesterday, AMD announced cool, new technology ATI Eyefinity. Powered by one DirectX 11 graphics card, ATI Eyfinity supports up to six ultra high definition displays for better gaming experience.

For more information:
ATI Eyefinity’s Panoramic Future

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sunday, September 6, 2009

WYD fast leveling guide and quests help

The first and main part – choose your class and careful study its skills. You won’t receive enough "skill points" and "skill mastery points" to learn all of them so you must decide which are appropriate for your race. Any mistake here will make your efforts in vain.

For this tutorial I’ll use the hunter.

WYD Leveling – part 1

The first quest – “Training Camp” is good enough to level up you to 40 level very fast. You can find full quest description here - or in your quest window in game. There is a strong monster before every gate and near the Trainers. Kill the monster, talk with the trainer and you will get the key for the next part. The last monster is Orc Warrior. Stay there and kill the spawning monster until you reach level 35. You will get multiple quest items and then you will receive many rewards. You can get you reward only if you are under or 40 level so be careful not to miss it.

At level 40 go to the next quest – Spirit Guardian. Level up there till level 115. At the beginning fight mobs for the quest item. Auto fight can be very useful, just leave your character to collect quest items and do something else. When you are strong enough - go for the quest experience. Leveling up with this quest is pretty fast. The mobs give a lot of experience and the quest award items give +7500 experience – this would be something like one quarter for your character at this time.

At level 40 you can start one more quest – Orc Castle. It is not hard and very useful – the reward is a magic pill that gives you 9 skill points.
The monsters around the Orc Castle drop more Grave Keeper’s Candle – the quest items for Spirit Garden.

Orc Castle Quest – you must fight near the gates for the keys. After receiving the key – enter the Castle gate. I receive pretty good drop there. Orc Guard drops Orc Castle Final S.G Key. ChiefOrc drops Orc Castle Final E.G Key. Orc Lord drops the pill.

This is the end of part 1.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hello Kitty Online


Hello Kitty Online is cute, free-to-play, MMORPG. HKO combines gaming and social networks together, making the world of Sanrio Land unique place to make friends and have fun.

Gameplay and impression
Hello Kitty Online is relaxing and peaceful, maybe way too peaceful. It is centered on crafting and collecting resources rather than combat. Even leveling up is done through collecting resources and crafting. HKO has four types of recourse collection: woodcutting, gathering, planting and mining. Item crafting is also very important Players can obtain items through trading or through crafting. HKO has four skills for crafting – cooking, making tools and weapons, making clothes and making furniture.

Farming – players receive a farm upon entering HKO and it is the base source for in-game money.

HKO don’t have typical monster killing. The fight with the monster ends with the monster defeat without actually killing the mob. The weapons are also a little too funny.

When you defeat monster in Hello Kitty Online – you have a chance to obtain a pet card. A pet card can be used to make a pet from the monster. Pets can be very helpful - even in collecting resources. If a pet is fed regularly it level up.

Home sweet home
Players in HKO can build a house. The first thing necessary for building a house is a land certificate. You can obtain this certificate from npc or quest.

Social Networking
Hello Kitty Online is a type of social network. It encourages its users to interact and communicate like other networks (twitter, facebook). Players can blog, watch videos and send e-mails from the game. The Adventurer’s Journal is a special feature that allows players to post in their blog from the game interface.

HKO offers some cute and fun minigames and puzzles for its players.

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