Monday, August 17, 2009

LAN in Starcraft 2 petition - please read

A petition - in response to Blizzard announcement that Starcraft II will not support lan and the only multiplayer will be through Currently there are more than 105,000 signs and the count is increasing fast. Many fans got dissappointed by Blizzard’s announcement. Greed threatens one of the coolest games out there.

People tweet about the petition, starcraft and blizzard. You can get more information on what is going on from twitter channels - #Starcraft2, #BlizzCon or just search for the petition.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

How to secure your game account - tips

A friend of mine lost her account from a popular MMORPG. It is a tragedy because she spent more than six months playing this game. I make a short list of basic rules on how to prevent game account-stealing.

  • Create unique username and password combination for every game you play. Don’t ever use the same username/password for two or more online games. The game and site publishers claim they respect your privacy but don’t rely only on this.

  • Use strong passwords. Your password must be 8 symbols or more and it must contain both letters and digits.

  • Use personal emails to register game account. Many people share their emails with friends. Don’t use such email to create game account. Many game sites have an option to restore forgotten password. Somebody else can use this option to steal your account.

  • Don’t share your account. Don’t share it even with your best friend. You don’t know what will happen. It’s better not to risk hours of playing.

  • Don’t use somebody else’s computer to log into your account. Don’t play from internet cafe.

  • Don’t answer to any emails or chats from fake moderators or administrators that ask for your password. Any game staff won’t need your password or it would be very bad game.

Be careful and use your brain.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Fiesta music video

Very cool fan made music video - Revenge and Salvation. The game is Fiesta, the music is Butterflies & Hurricanes by Muse.

Its one of my favorite game videos. Cool and epic.

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