Wednesday, April 22, 2009

GodsWar Online

Free to play and download

This week I start to play new MMO – GodsWar Online. GWO is a cute-looking 3D MMORPG by IGG. It is based on ancient Greek mythology.
GodsWar Online screenshotGodsWar Online screenshot

GodsWar Online has four classes – Warrior, Champion, Priest and Mage. Warriors use sword and shield. They are experts in the close fight. Champions use spear. They are attack oriented characters. Priests are the party’s healers. Mages – the standard mage character dealing large amount of damage.

Character creation video

The gameplay of GWO is a lot alike many other 3D mmorpg – it uses standard point and click for movements and fight. GodsWar Online is relatively fast and easy for leveling up.
GodsWar Online has auto attack mode(F12) so players can skip the boring leveling up or long quests. A character becomes a killing machine with the auto attack settings.
GWO has two factions – Sparta and Athens.

GodsWar Online screenshot
The game has many quests. Right from the beginning, the quests are the best way for earning experience and leveling up.
GodsWar Online screenshot

The beginning

What I don’t like
I don’t like the 45 degree visual angle. I prefer to have more freedom and I don’t like the 2D style that much.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sho Online

Free To Play MMORPG
Sho Online
Sho Online is a cool, 3D MMORPG in traditional Chinese style by Lizard Interactive. This game totally fascinates with its graphics, gameplay and idea. When I first start to play it I spent six hours without even realizing it.
Sho OnlineSho Online

Story and gameplay
In the world of Sho Online two dynasties are fighting each other. Players can choose only one of them for all their characters.
Yin is one of the countries from the conflict. I can’t tell the Chinese story well, all this names are too strange for me. The main part is that Yin is the older dynasty with initial location – Jo-ga Castle.
Zhou is the other country. It became the new power of the continent. Its initial location is the Castle Seo-ki.
All characters, NPC and monsters in Sho Online belong to a fraction. There are seven fractions – Yin, Zhou, Yo-koi, Ark-kui, Ark-soo, Yinbiyin, Ka-kuk. Characters have a relation stats window showing the relation with all the fractions. The relations change according to who you choose to kill. There are bonuses if a character is in good relation with a fraction.

The game is based on the war between Yin and Zhou. The war starts with the assassination of the enemy governor general NPC. Players fight in a mass pvp for the glory of their dynasty.

Sho Online has three starting character types – assassin, warrior and soolsa.
Assassins rely mainly on speed and agility. They use daggers and bows for fighting and they can advance as archers or dagger masters at level ten.
Warriors rely on their physical strength. Their weapons are spears and axes. At level ten they can choose to become Adamantors or Demon Knights.
Soolsa are equivalent of mages in other mmorpgs. They use fans and staffs. At level 10 Soolsa can change its profession to Dark Soolsa or Taoistic Priest. Dark Soolsa are damage dealers with powerful magic attack and curses.Taoistic Priests can also attack enemies with magic but they are also healers and buffers. Both Soolsa professions can create monsters.
Sho OnlineSho OnlineSho Online

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