Sunday, December 20, 2009

Neverland Online – Survival Guide

Neverlnd Online is a free-to-play 2D MMORPG. The game don’t need an installation, you can play it in your browser window.
The game is interesting and requires some thinking.

The gameplay is somewhat complex with many choices and options, and many newbie players stop playing after some time.

At the beginning you start with selecting a character. All characters can learn any skill but every class has its strong and weak points. Here are the classes and the corresponding skills and powers:
Male and female Rangers are best at Valor and Fortitude power.
Both Assassins’ best power choices are Confidence and Insight.
Elemtalists’ power choices are Fervor and Delusion.
For both Taoists you must choose Grace and Aura.

What does it mean?
The skills in Neverland Online are grouped in types or let’s use the term powers. Learning one type of power will allow you to learn its corresponding skills. For example with Valor you can develop Devil Bane, Desperate Strike, and Warlord’s Great Sword.
To open the power window go to Status (or press C) , and select the Power tab. There you can level up your powers. At the beginning select one power type, appropriate for your character class and level it up.

To level up skill you need a skill book at the appropriate level, corresponding power with the necessary level and skill rank. To rank a skill you must practice it – use it in battle. At the beginning your skills won’t do more damage than your regular attack.

Stat points
Stat points affect your character damage, defense, hit points, mana points. To open the stat points menu go to Status menu (or press C), and select the Ability tab.

Stat points:
Strength – increase physical attack damage
Stamina – max HP, defense against spells, increase heal spell effects
Agility – hit chance, physical attack critical chance, dodge chance against physical attack, higher probability to attack first
Intelligence – spell damage and max mp
Faith – max rage points, spell hit chance and critical chance, defense against physical attack, evasion
You have three buttons beneath the stat points – Damage, Balance, and Survival. They are quite convenient if you don’t know how to allocate your points.

Leveling up
Neverland Online has many quests and they give more than enough experience, rewards and game knowledge. If you are newbie, focus on quests. The NPC that has quests for you will have giant exclamation mark above its head. You can find all quests in progress and all available quests from the quests menu – the last icon at the bottom of your game screen will open it.
There are many different quest types – fighting mobs, catching pets, crafting, delivering messages, learning skills, and even quiz.

To catch a pet you need to press Catch during battle. You can’t catch a creature whose level is higher than you. Catching baby pets is very easy – you just need to select catch on the action menu. For normal pets you need to do some damage before catching them. Be careful no to kill them because you won’t be able to catch them.
You need to feed your pet regularly or it won’t be loyal to you and won’t appear in battle. You can restore the pets loyality and cure it at one of the NPCs. This NPC in the first town is Healer Quinny Boa.
To view and update pet stat points go to the pet menu. From there you can select See details to view more information, skills, wisdom, and so on.
The first pet, that worth some time is the brown bear.

The battles in Neverland Online are turn based. Who will attack first depends on characters agility. You have a menu with available options – Auto, Skill, Capture, and so on. You can select to use item like healing pot but you will lose one turn.

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