Saturday, November 28, 2009

Aion Review


Aion is a fantasy MMORPG released by NCSoft. It features a vast and detailed fantasy world with incredible sceneries, odd creatures and great adventures.

Races / Factions
Aion world has two playable factions – Elyos and Asmodians.
The Elyos are bright people or the good ones. They are bright and beautiful people living in a bright and beautiful world. Their country is known as Elysea and their capital city is called Sanctum.
The Asmodians are the opposite of the Elyos, dark characters from a dark world. They are the “bad” guys if you like how it sounds. Their skin is pale or dusky and their eyes have a strange glow. Their world is called Asmodae and their capital city is Pandaemonium.

There are four primary classes at the game – Warrior, Mage, Scout and Priest. At level 10 players can choose a specialization. Warriors can become Gladiators (skilled with many different weapons) or Templars (use sword and shield combination and chants). Scouts can become Rangers (skilled with bow) or Assassins. Mages become Spirit Masters (summoners) or Sorcerer. Priest becomes Cleric (healer and resurrector, can be useful in melee battle with mice and shield) and Chanter (Buffer).

World / Story / Lore
The world of Aion is a devastated planet called Atreia. After a cataclysm Atreia was broken in half. Players start as inhabitants of their chosen world and don’t meet players from other fractions until they enter the abyss.

The Abyss
After spending some time leveling players can enter and fight in the Abyss. The Abyss is a PvP zone, where players must fight players from the opposite fraction. Players receive special points called Abyss Points for defeating players from the other race. The Abyss rank of the player is calculated according to these Abyss Points. Also special weapons and armors can be purchased with them.
The guild or clan equivalent in Aion is called Legion. Legions can control special fortresses in the Abyss. The control over a fortress is obtained after a siege war (mass PvP war) where players fight against another players or NPC characters.

You can’t really experience PvP or dungeon fight until level 25-30. Also you have a quest story line and the quests are very important for your character development.

Places and beautiful sceneries:

The trailer:

Thursday, November 26, 2009


This is the new Aion trailer released recently by NCSoft. It is titled ‘Vision’ and shows some features that are not currently available in the popular MMO.
The description at the official site says “Take a glimpse into Atreia’s future with the Aion Vision Trailer!”.
Some of the features shown at the trailer are impressive weather system with snow, light chance, etc, house building, mounts and an underwater town.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Neverland Online


Neverland Online is a 2D, browser MMORPG. The game is set in a persistent fantasy world, players can do many things like catching monster and making them pets, leveling up, crafting, PVP and so on. The game is fully fledged MMORPG despite the fact that it doesn’t need an installation.
Neverland Online
 Neverland Online
 Neverland Online

Neverland Online has several playable classes and many skills. Available classes are Ranger, Assassin, Elementalist and Taoist.
Neverland Online

The game graphics are beautiful, peaceful and enjoyable.
Neverland Online

Playing Neverland Online is refreshing and relaxing. It is an ideal solution for people searching for not engaging and lightweight mass game.
Neverland Online

Neverland Online Guide

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wonderland Online - upcoming expansion


IGG announced Wonderland Online expansion will be available soon.

Wonderland Online 5.0 – Glory of the Empire will add several fun features to the popular MMORPG. Here is a short preview:

Marriage System
Marriages seem to be very popular among the gamers. With the new expansion players can enjoy a stylish wedding, wear cool wedding dress and so on. (What is so cool about weddings anyway?)

New Maps
The new expansion will bring several new territories including Rome and Persia. Of course you ought to see Caesar and the other new NPCs. The new maps come with new Bosses like the Cyclops, a Winged Bull and other mythic creatures.

Next version will add two new human friends – Shizune and Hayate who will accompany you in your jurneys.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009



Rakion: Chaos Force is a free-to play, real-time, online strategy-action game in a fantasy world. The game is developed by the South Korean Softnyx. Rakion is somewhat similar to most FPS or TPS with its game style. Rakion has many features similar to the classic MMORPG games like leveling up and experience gaining, summons, character customization and upgrades.

Summons / Cell System
Players can summon creatures using their CP (Cell Points). There are several types of summons and each of them has different specialties.

Transformations / Chaos System
In special circumstances players can transform their characters into different and powerful creatures. Most of the times you need to kill a number of monsters to transform. After the transformation your character becomes very strong, fights with new movements and groups of monsters aren’t an obstacle any more.

Available classes are Swordsman, Archer, Mage Blacksmith and Ninja. The Swordsman and the Blacksmith are melee characters capable of taking and making enormous amounts of damage. They are relatively easy for newbie players. For the short time I played this game till now I took a liking of the ninja. With multiple surikens thrown at a time and fast movements, it is quite a formidable damage dealer.

RakionRakion Chaos ModeRakion Chaos SystemRakionRakion

Monday, November 9, 2009

Grand Fantasia


Grand Fantasia is a free-to-play, fantasy MMORPG licensed by Aeria Games. The games offers many innovative and cool features like customizable characters and spites, many different mounts, PVP combat, dungeons, bosses, romance system, guilds and so on.

The game is currently in a Closed Beta state of development and it accepts requests for it.

Grand Fantasia has four class trees and eight classes total. New players start as Novice and at level 5 they can select their specialization. The eight classes are Wizard, Necromancer, Sage, Cleric, Assassin, Warrior, Berserker and Ranger.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Dragon Oath

European Site:
American Site:

Dragon Oath is a Chinese martial arts MMORPG developed by and Sohu. It was first released in China and now its English version is in a pre-closed beta state of development. The game is free to play and download.

The game has nine classes Lotus Order, Minstrel, Royalty, Voodoo, Shaolin, Pyromancer, Assassin, Beggars Alliance and Taoist.

Dragon Oath offers constant running events in game. Players can participate in Lucky Bingo, Chess Challenge, Imperial Test and much more.

Players can form guilds and alliances, fight guild wars and build their own cities.
Dragon Oath offers many pets with different looks and abilities but obtaining a pet is not that easy. Players can travel to the Pet Island in order to capture a pet. The pets themselves can be strong and deadly and the Pet Island is guarded by powerful guardians.
There are man other promising features in the game – Wedding System, Master-Disciple Relation, Mounts and much more.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Status: Free

Warsow is an open-source, online FPS. The game is centered more at the gameplay and less at the graphics. The graphics are made intentionally plain and clear. The gameworld is the meeting point of the cartoon characters with the cyberpunk city.

Warsow is fast and when I say fast I mean really fast. New players may have difficulties at the beginning. Even veteran FPS players need some time to grasp the style and the speed. Despite that fact, the game is quite fun with many adrenaline bursts and hearth beat situations.
Online players tend to be way too good and merciless for newcomers like me. Combining series of movements and jumps with the fast speed of the game brings unique experience and excitement.

My rating: 9 from 10.
If you are Quake series fan, you will like this one too!

How-to play
Simply download the game from the official website - It is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

Warsow official trailer:


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