Friday, December 28, 2007

Mu Online

Official Site:

Mu Online is a fantasy MMORPG by the Korean Company Webzen.
Like many other games from this genre Mu Online has customizable characters, wide variety of different monsters and items. It has special outlaw(pk) and hero system for the pvps otside duels. The game has its Guild System that allows the players to join together and take participation in different sort of events like Guild Wars, Training and Battle Soccer.
The Chaos System is represented by the Chaos Machine. It can combine and upgrade items.

Character Classes - Player can chose from:
Dark Knight
Dark Wizard
Fairy Elf
Magic Gladiator
Dark Lord

Castle Seige

GuLong Online Trailer

Hero Online

Official Site:

Currently Free to Play

Hero Online is a maritial arts MMORPG by Netgame. It is based on the Chinese mythology. Some of the ingame quests are written by famous maritial arts novelists.

Job Classes
Players can choose from 4 major job classes:

Weapon Proficiency Classes
The Ruthless Blade - The Master of Gunn-Gon - He is proficient in both long and short range weapons such as bow and sword.
The Elegant Mystic - Holy Oracle - Proficient with Spear, Rod and Claws.
The Piercing Eyes - The Empress of Bo-Ta - The legendary sword users.
The Overseer of the Sky - Lord of Strength - Most powerfull in combat, uses spear, rod and axe.

Monday, December 24, 2007

RF Online


RF Online (Rising Force) is a MMORPG by CCR Inc. The game is combination of science fiction and fantasy. The central place in the game is the conflict between the three races - Accretia, Bellato and Corа.

Accretia is a race of cyborgs, forced to use artificial bodies due to harsh environment on their home planet. Their technology is superior. They can not use magic.
Bellato - they are the smallest people. Bellato are race of inventors, they can combine tools and weapons with the Light from the universal magic.
Cora - ancient race, highly spiritual and gifted with natural magic.
Like many other MMORPGs RFO has customizable characters.

Currently RF Online is free to play with no monthly fees and no required box purchase.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Fly For Fun(Flyff)

Official Site:
Download Page:
Current Version: 10

Flyff is a MMORPG made by the Korean company Aeonsoft. It is free to play although players can purchase items with real money through the cach shop(Cach Shop Guide).

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