Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Digimon Battle – upcoming Digimon MMO game

New Digimon MMO is coming soon! Digimon Battle is the new title, announced by WeMade Entertainment.

Site: http://www.digimonbattle.com/

Thursday, February 18, 2010

World of Tanks – new PVP oriented MMO game

World of Tanks is new MMO action game announced just recently by WARGAMING.NET. The game would be focused mainly on PVP battles with wide range of modes like quick random battles, mini-missions, clan wars and more.
World of Tanks is promised to be free to play so I presume many people will try it. The game will feature variety of tank models from different historical events and countries.
Tiger tank, Soviet T-34, American 155mm M40 Gun Motor Carriage are some of the models mentioned on the press release.

Site: http://www.worldoftanks.com/

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tales of Fantasy - upcoming MMORPG

Site: http://tof.igg.com/

Tales of Fantasy is new, 3D MMORPG published by IGG. The game will offer many mounts and the ability to tame wild monsters. Characters will be able to obtain wings and fly as there is story about it in the teaser website.

Players will be able to fight while riding different creatures, even mount change can be possible in the middle of the battle.
Players will be able to craft and enchant their equipment and create unique weapons and items.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lineage2 with free trial


Lineage2 is one of the first and most awesome MMORPG games I’ve ever played. It has a fantasy world (the world of Aden), 36 classes, 6 races, countless quests, real castle sieges, real and fast PVP battles.
The game is pay to play and this is the only reason many people stay away of it but I think, it’s the only option for really fun gameplay.

I played Lineage 2 some time ago, in fact I spent more than a year, working during the day and playing during the night. This time was so fun, I haven’t played any other game with such enjoyment.

Monday, February 8, 2010

I got dragon, err … not really – Last Chaos first impressions

Last Chaos is cool, free-to-play MMORPG with a fantasy theme. I started to play it just recently but here is my review.
Last Chaos

Sorcerer – first impression
After some time playing a mage I created a sorcerer and started again. The sorcerer is something between summoner and fighter with magic. He has some relatively strong summons and several close range attack skills. The summons aren’t fully controlled, you can only decide their mode – attack, attack second, defend and follow. They stay in attack mode very short interval of time so you can’t leave your character sitting somewhere and getting experience while you are away, drinking coffee.
I get pissed off because the summons leave attack mode if I move my character even a little. There is no such problem with attack second though.
The summoner is a weak character, maybe the weakest of the all Last Chaos characters. If you intend to PVP, choose another one. Or be prepared to think fast and consider your character’s weak and strong points.
Last Chaos

Getting basic consumables
If you a newbie in Last Chaos you may have problems in obtaining consumables like HP and MP potions and so on. You can buy potions from one NPC in the town but the prices are too high. I had this problem – all my money went for potions even though I don’t use much.

Last Chaos
 Herb field
So what is the solution?
The game emphasizes much on the production. You can produce your own potions very easy – for hp potions you need to collect herbs, for mp potions – waves (or something like this) and for pet food for hatchling dragons and ponies you need to mine ore. Yep, you feed your pet pony with ore. Poor little creature. I can understand dragons eating ore, but horses? Also if your pet dragon or horse feels ill and its HP goes down you can give it some herbs. And if the creatures by any chance start to dislike you, you must feed it with waves and it will be the same again.
Sorry, I was talking about the potions. To produce potions from your ingredients you need a recipe and a skill. You have first level skill by default so you can collect materials and make first level potions. The recipe is obtained from the same NPC who sells potions. You need to learn some skills to produce better potions and collect more resources but be careful with your sp points. 
Last Chaos 
Getting waves for MP potions
 Last Chaos
Ore is healthy breakfast for dragon babies.
Moon stones
You can obtain moonstones as a regular drop from the monsters. There are several levels of moonstones. You can exchange them for a random reward at the statue in the middle of the town.

Dragons and Dragon Hatchlings
To obtain a hatchling you need to finish a quest called Drake's Egg. You get the quest from Loraine, the NPC near the class masters. First thing you need to do is to obtain a Dragon Egg. It drops from the monsters around the town, I get even two for very short time. You can purchase an egg from the other players. With the egg, you talk again with Loraine, and she sends you to the second town to talk with some other NPC, I forgot his name now. Some archeologist, maybe. You teleport to the second town and talk with him and that’s the quest. Congrats, now you have baby dragon. To find the teleporter, search for a NPC with a teleporter before its name in the NPC list. It’s location is near the PVP arenas.
In the second town you can talk with any NPC for a direction. Don’t be shy, they are only Non Player Characters.
Last Chaos
Horse and Pony
To get a pony you need to finish quest called Pan’s Flute. It is given by Loraine again, and it is very similar to the Dragon quest. At the end, you obtain funny, fat pony with short legs that eats ore and needs wave to like you.

The pets you obtain from these two quests are level 1 and they level up while you fight in their company. They get only a tiny bit of your experience and they level up very slow. I got bored even before my pet dragon reach level 2. Also, aggressive mobs tend to attack your pet first if you don’t attack them. So at the beginning pets are just a nuisance. Of course, it is cool to ride a horse or a dragon, but they level up so slow …
Last Chaos
I’ll stop here for today. I must write something about the personal dungeons, fighting the Barlog and so on.

Friday, February 5, 2010

NEO Online

Site: http://neo.playomg.com

NEO Online or New Era Odyssey Online is a new fantasy MMORPG with many cool features. Its official closed beta is scheduled for February, 8th, so I look forward to try it and share my experience with you.

What I know about the game till now is that it offers great character development freedom, as any character can learn any skill as long as it has enough skill points. So you can have a sword-waving mage or a healing warrior.

The game will offer plenty of quests – from the important main story quests to minor and part-time quests. You can decide to share or not your quests with your party – it’s the first game I’ve ever seen with this option explicitly available in the interface.

PVP and PK
You can try your skill in a usual duel mode or choose to become a criminal (PK mode). Your character needs to be level 20 or above to be in a PK mode or to be PKed by other players so rest assured, on one will kill you until you feel good enough to fight back. .
The game offers three types of mass PVP – group battles, guild battles and territorial wars.

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