Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Warrior Epic

Site: http://www.warriorepic.com/
Status: Free-to-Play

Warrior Epic is an action, 3D, fantasy MMORPG with not so usual gameplay. Players can lead an army of warriors through solo, PvP, or multiplayer adventures.

The game lacks the standard, persistent world used by must of the MMORPG games. It has a lobby, where players create and host games; team up with other players to fight in missions.

At the beginning you can play an easy, tutorial mission to grasp the controls and the gameplay.

The first chapter starts with six possible classes and later players unlock much more. Starting classes are: Assassin, Devotress, Dungeon Archer, Illusionist, Pangolan, and Pit Fighter.
New players start with Pit Fighter – somewhat boring character, relying on brute force and close combat.


Each player has his own hall, where he can requite and equip warriors, prepare battle strategies. The halls are customizable, you can add more rooms, and artifacts.


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