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Aion Review


Aion is a fantasy MMORPG released by NCSoft. It features a vast and detailed fantasy world with incredible sceneries, odd creatures and great adventures.

Races / Factions
Aion world has two playable factions – Elyos and Asmodians.
The Elyos are bright people or the good ones. They are bright and beautiful people living in a bright and beautiful world. Their country is known as Elysea and their capital city is called Sanctum.
The Asmodians are the opposite of the Elyos, dark characters from a dark world. They are the “bad” guys if you like how it sounds. Their skin is pale or dusky and their eyes have a strange glow. Their world is called Asmodae and their capital city is Pandaemonium.

There are four primary classes at the game – Warrior, Mage, Scout and Priest. At level 10 players can choose a specialization. Warriors can become Gladiators (skilled with many different weapons) or Templars (use sword and shield combination and chants). Scouts can become Rangers (skilled with bow) or Assassins. Mages become Spirit Masters (summoners) or Sorcerer. Priest becomes Cleric (healer and resurrector, can be useful in melee battle with mice and shield) and Chanter (Buffer).

World / Story / Lore
The world of Aion is a devastated planet called Atreia. After a cataclysm Atreia was broken in half. Players start as inhabitants of their chosen world and don’t meet players from other fractions until they enter the abyss.

The Abyss
After spending some time leveling players can enter and fight in the Abyss. The Abyss is a PvP zone, where players must fight players from the opposite fraction. Players receive special points called Abyss Points for defeating players from the other race. The Abyss rank of the player is calculated according to these Abyss Points. Also special weapons and armors can be purchased with them.
The guild or clan equivalent in Aion is called Legion. Legions can control special fortresses in the Abyss. The control over a fortress is obtained after a siege war (mass PvP war) where players fight against another players or NPC characters.

You can’t really experience PvP or dungeon fight until level 25-30. Also you have a quest story line and the quests are very important for your character development.

Places and beautiful sceneries:

The trailer:

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