Friday, January 22, 2010

Visual Utopia – browser-based, strategy MMO


Visual Utopia (VU) is a free to play, strategy MMO game. It is a nice, browser-based adventure with many fun points.

The player takes the role of a ruler to develop and defend his land. At the beginning new players start in a tutorial mode, where you can learn the basics of the game. This MMO have some of the standard features of the genre – you can build structures, train soldiers, send them on missions, join forces with other rulers.


  1. I have played this game for many years and what was once a great game with lots of players has turned into a mess of what used to be a great game.

    Now the developer has allowed players in the game to abuse mod powers- one of the perks of donating money to the game is a title you can pick yourself. However game mods are abusing the game and giving titles freely to other players without cost while regular players still have to pay money for them.

    These same mods in the game are cheating- as they also play the game themselves. They are using mulitple accounts to join different kingdoms and spy on them- then using accounts to feed income to grow themselves big and fat and cheat being able to train much stronger armies than anyone else.

    Proof of this was sent to Zeta the game creator and not only did he refuse to do anything about it but he's punished other players that were suspected of doing the same thing- but not his game mod when proof was given.

    In short- this game is owned by someone who doesnt care about his players and gives full advantage to selective people and thereby ruining the game for loyal players and driving them off the game.. barely anyone playing anymore.

    The only reason his rating on this game is as high as it is - is that he hints that you might get extra bonus turns in the game if his game rating goes up- so the rating on any site is very misleading- should be more like a 1 or 2.


  2. The player who made that comment, has no played the game in a long time. And when they did, they were not that great. Should not listen to what they say, when you dont know the whole story. The Admin never gave people powers like that, only powers to Mod the forums and delete useless/off topic posts.

    It was proven later on that no one has ever had that power, but it is true about the extra turns. But the game rating should be about a 3 of 5, not 1 or 2.

    If you really want to know the truth and see what the game is like, play it. Read the forums, and ill link you to the ones this person is referring too. :D


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