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Combat Arms - fast and addicting MMO FPS game

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Combat Arms is an online, free-to-play FPS game developed by Doobic Studios and published by Nexon. It is an addicting, fast-paced, strategic shooter with many customization options.
Combat Arms MMO FPS

Players start in a lobby where they can join matches or create rooms and host a game.
Successful match brings experience and GP (Gear Points – in-game money). The experience is needed to obtain a higher rank (similar to real life army ranks), and players with higher rank can buy better weapons.

Combat Arms MMO FPS

Combat Arms offers many different modes – One Man Army, Elimination, Quarantine, Fireteam. You may wonder what exactly these mode names mean – here is the list of modes and explanations for newbies:
  • One Man Army – Free for All Deathmatch
  • Fireteam – a cooperative, story-based game, something like team quest
  • Elimination – team match. A team must reach an amount of points (kills) first.
  • Elimination Pro – similar to Elimination but each player has only one life per round.
  • Search and Destroy – similar to Elimination, but one team is in offense (place bombs and destroy the other team fascility) and the other must defend itself.
  • Capture the Flag – popular mode in many FPS games.
  • Spy Hunt – strange mode where players can become spies through obtaining a special item – Intel Case. All other players hunt the spies but the spies have some advantages like speed and special armor. This mode has a phase 2 where the spy is only one (the person, who has gathered all suitcases), but he is equipped with some powerful weapons to fight all the other players.
  • Quarantine (Zombie mode) – Some of the players are chosen to be infected. They must infect all the other players, while the non-infected players must kill them or at least survive the match.
  • Snowball fight – Christmas event mode.
Combat Arms MMO FPS

The gameplay is fast and addicting. If you are FPS and Combat Arms newbie you may feel a little confused at the beginning but the game is easy to play and fun. I’ll write separate gameplay review after this post.

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