Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tales Runner – fun, racing MMO with MMORPG elements

Tales Runner, racing MMO game

Tales Runner is unique, fast-paced MMO racing game where you can compete with your friends. The game is created by the Korean company Rhaon Entertainment and published by Gala-Net Inc.

Tales Runner is a racing multiplayer game, where you can compete by running, skiing, climbing and so on in a fantasy, 3D world.

Every time you participate in a race you receive experience points, TR (in-game currency) Alchemy Cards and other items. Alchemy Cards are used to upgrade the equipment. Each map has a set of cards and each card from the set has a percent probability to be obtained. Also during the race you can obtain power-ups and some of them can be used for attacking the other competitors.

The game has multiple game modes – single player race, basic race, survival races and more.


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  1. The game is free to play and download. You don't have to pay for anything. ;)


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