Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mytheon Preview - when strategy and MMORPG collide


Mytheon is a MMORPG game under development by Petroglyph Games. The creators promise an exciting action-RPG in a mythology-based universe.

The events behind the Mytheon story are based loosely on Greece and Egypt mythology. After many centuries on the mercy of the gods, mankind finally has the chance to prove itself.

The gameplay will combine strategic elements with standard MMORPG play style. The action in Mytheon will revolve around the “Power Stones”. They are collectable items that can be used for summoning creatures or structures and casting magic. Additionally players will have the opportunity to craft rare power stones through the help of arcane recipes.

The game will offer three playable classes: Warcaster, Elementalist and Eidolon.
Warcasters have the largest selection of creatures in battle but also the least amount of healing potential.
The Elementalists are descendants of sorcerers, oracles and mystics. They posses the ability to command the forces of Air, Earth, Fire and Water. They use mainly spell stones. Their vulnerability is their lack of companion stones.
The Eidolons are an order of warrior-priests from Egypt. They have stones to create structures, dispel magic, enhance and heal.

Mytheon currently accepts applications for its closed beta.
Mytheon screenshotMytheon screenshot

Game trailer:

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