Wednesday, April 9, 2008

With Your Destiny (WYD) - Episode II : ADVENT OF GODS


With Your Destiny(WYD) is a fantasy 3D MMORPG. The first impression is that of an another Diablo 2 style game, but it is not a bad feeling.
Transknight - male soldier, uses knives, claws, swords, axes, and hammers. He has area of effect skills.
Beastmaster - he can take werewolf form, summon beasts and use melee weapons.
Foema - female mages.
Hunters - female with powerful weapon(archer), they are best PK characters.
Max level in WYD is 400, but the leveling up is very fast. Also there is in game auto combat/cast/pots system. I find that very useful, lately most of the MMORPG producers want to make players work harder and harder to get some fun/items/kills with the idea to spend more time in game. I don't like to work hard in games, I am there to have fun. So in this concept WYD is very good - all the hard work for leveling up is done by the bot, I just play from time to time in a dungeon or when I feel to.
Some features I like are the mounts(animals to ride), summons, also it looks like there are a lot in game events.

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  1. As I was reading its review, I thought that it has its good features. It gets me interested on how its game works. I think I will be trying this out very soon.


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