Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Free-To-Play, with in-game shop

Kal-Online is a free-to-play fiction MMORPG by Inix Soft. The action takes place in a beautiful oriental fantasy world.
The gameplay is a little diablo-2 style. Players move and use simple attack with left mouse click and use magic or skill with right click.
It has three starting jobs - Wondering Knight, Wondering Archer and Scholar.
W. Knight's next class is Apprentice Knight, when the character learns the basic kill of knight. A. Knight has two paths for developing skills - offensive and defensive.
W.Archer - quickness and long distance attack. Their next job change is Apprentice Archer. A. Archers have powerful long distance attach, but they are considerably weak and need a party. Their next change gives the chance to choose to have long-distance more powerful attack and be weaker on defense or skills to increase friends' attacking power and skill to cure them.
Scholar uses magic to attack enemy. Next class for scholar is Literary Person. They also have revive and cure skills. L.Person can choose to become Hermit or C.J.B. Hermit are specialized to attack specific object with magic while Chairperson of Joong-Bangs have skills to damage multiple enemies and a powerful revive skill.
When you reach level 15 you can do a quest to get an egg. After that you must level up your egg to become grade 11. After that you can transform to an animal.
PVP/PK System
PvP(duel) starts after agreement of both parties and there is no penalty on winner or looser.
PK(Assassin) System A player who wants to be a PK must wear a mask to be known by others. Mask can be bought from the merchant in Temporary Fort of Geum-Ohee Castle and High Land of Sky. When the player became an assassin his/her name is not shown but the name changes to "assassin" in red and he/she can't disable assassin mode for 2 hours.

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  1. This, I think, is something that I think everyone will enjoy. I haven't tried this one though but I hope to play it really soon.


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