Friday, April 4, 2008

Eve Online

Monthly payed game, players can try it with 14 days trial accounts.
Guide(Strongly recommended for new players - personal experience)

Eve Online is science fiction space MMOG by CCP Games. The action is set in distant space, players pilot wide variety of ships through thousands solar systems. The game is persistent - this means that anything that is left in game while player is offline such as undocked ships will continue to exist and will be visible and attackable to other players.

Eve Online is little confusing at a first glance. Considerably more time is needed to learn the interface compared with other games from the same genre. EVE don't have leveling system, which is replaced by a complex skill system with a wide variety of skills. To learn a skill characters must acquire skill learning kits and the training consumes amount of real time(players can spend that time offline). Some strange issue is that characters can purchase clones as a precaution against death. Activities in EVE can be combat, exploration, trading, mining, advancement, research, manufacturing and more.
Combat in EVE is highly tactical with different range weapons. Players can group together in corporations, the corporation creator and leader(a.k. party leader) is titled Chief Executive Officer - CEO. Corporations also have some other roles like Director, Station Manager and so on. Corporations can declare war to other corporations. Also some spicy piece is added with the corporate spies.
Races in Eve Online are Amarr, Gallente, Caldari, Jovians.

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