Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Site: http://www.dekaron.com/
Play: http://www.gametribe.com/gt/dekaron.do
Status: Open Beta for Europe

Dekaron is a fantasy MMORPG based on the middle age Europe by GameHI. Its gameplay is standard for this genre - parties, clans, alliances, wars for castles. Dekaron PVP system is moderate. Players can invite other players on a combat. The opponent can accept or decline the pvp. The game has a PK system a lot alike many other MMORPG.
Some other features are Mp3, Fishing, Messenger, Summon Systems.
2moons is other mmorpg like Dekarion, in facts 2moons is based on Dekarion.

Game Movie


  1. These are the type of games that I am really into right now. I hope to play this one soon. And, anyone in here I can play and discuss the game with?

  2. Im downloading it as we speak if u still play?
    my character name will be shadowtempest

  3. i have a couple people on there. So i can help both of you. I have a couple higher characters so i can help....^^


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