Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Priston Tale

Free-To-Play, with in-game shop

Priston Tale is a fantasy Korean MMORPG by PRISTON Inc. Since 17 May 2007 Prison Tale is a free-to-play.
The gameplay is standard – leveling up, trading, clans. There are some events that deserve mentioning:
Bellatra(Survive or Die) is a competition for 4 teams that fight against monsters until the last one survives.
Bless Castle is a PVP event equivalent to a castle siege in other MMORPGs.
Class Change system allows the players to freely choose the path of developing their characters.
Aging system allows to increase the power of your equipment, similar to item enchants in most of the other games.

Priston Tale 2 – currently released only in Korea.

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  1. The game, I think, is something that is worth a try. One of these days, I would try to play this and hopefully enjoy this game.


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