Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wonderland Online - upcoming expansion


IGG announced Wonderland Online expansion will be available soon.

Wonderland Online 5.0 – Glory of the Empire will add several fun features to the popular MMORPG. Here is a short preview:

Marriage System
Marriages seem to be very popular among the gamers. With the new expansion players can enjoy a stylish wedding, wear cool wedding dress and so on. (What is so cool about weddings anyway?)

New Maps
The new expansion will bring several new territories including Rome and Persia. Of course you ought to see Caesar and the other new NPCs. The new maps come with new Bosses like the Cyclops, a Winged Bull and other mythic creatures.

Next version will add two new human friends – Shizune and Hayate who will accompany you in your jurneys.

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