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Rakion: Chaos Force is a free-to play, real-time, online strategy-action game in a fantasy world. The game is developed by the South Korean Softnyx. Rakion is somewhat similar to most FPS or TPS with its game style. Rakion has many features similar to the classic MMORPG games like leveling up and experience gaining, summons, character customization and upgrades.

Summons / Cell System
Players can summon creatures using their CP (Cell Points). There are several types of summons and each of them has different specialties.

Transformations / Chaos System
In special circumstances players can transform their characters into different and powerful creatures. Most of the times you need to kill a number of monsters to transform. After the transformation your character becomes very strong, fights with new movements and groups of monsters aren’t an obstacle any more.

Available classes are Swordsman, Archer, Mage Blacksmith and Ninja. The Swordsman and the Blacksmith are melee characters capable of taking and making enormous amounts of damage. They are relatively easy for newbie players. For the short time I played this game till now I took a liking of the ninja. With multiple surikens thrown at a time and fast movements, it is quite a formidable damage dealer.

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