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WYD fast leveling guide and quests help

The first and main part – choose your class and careful study its skills. You won’t receive enough "skill points" and "skill mastery points" to learn all of them so you must decide which are appropriate for your race. Any mistake here will make your efforts in vain.

For this tutorial I’ll use the hunter.

WYD Leveling – part 1

The first quest – “Training Camp” is good enough to level up you to 40 level very fast. You can find full quest description here - or in your quest window in game. There is a strong monster before every gate and near the Trainers. Kill the monster, talk with the trainer and you will get the key for the next part. The last monster is Orc Warrior. Stay there and kill the spawning monster until you reach level 35. You will get multiple quest items and then you will receive many rewards. You can get you reward only if you are under or 40 level so be careful not to miss it.

At level 40 go to the next quest – Spirit Guardian. Level up there till level 115. At the beginning fight mobs for the quest item. Auto fight can be very useful, just leave your character to collect quest items and do something else. When you are strong enough - go for the quest experience. Leveling up with this quest is pretty fast. The mobs give a lot of experience and the quest award items give +7500 experience – this would be something like one quarter for your character at this time.

At level 40 you can start one more quest – Orc Castle. It is not hard and very useful – the reward is a magic pill that gives you 9 skill points.
The monsters around the Orc Castle drop more Grave Keeper’s Candle – the quest items for Spirit Garden.

Orc Castle Quest – you must fight near the gates for the keys. After receiving the key – enter the Castle gate. I receive pretty good drop there. Orc Guard drops Orc Castle Final S.G Key. ChiefOrc drops Orc Castle Final E.G Key. Orc Lord drops the pill.

This is the end of part 1.

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