Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mini Ninjas

Have you dreamed to be a ninja? Do you want to experience adventure like never before? Do you like to watch animes like Naruto?

Mini Ninjas is a fun, action-adventure game developed by IO Interactive. In the role of Hiro or the other ninjas you will receive the mission to stop the Evil Samurai Warlord. Can you save the world from evil?

The game offers free movements through the world for better exploration and battles.

No killing. Mini Ninjas offers fun and battles without actual cruelty. Your enemies are transformed with evil magic innocent animals. Your role is to lift the curse from them and save them. So Mini Ninjas is game appropriate for kids - it is rated 10+ with Crude Humor and Cartoon Violence.

Hiro – the youngest of all Mini Ninjas. He can use Kuji Magic to posses animals and cast fireballs. His main weapon in battle is the sword.

Futo - the biggest Mini Ninja with the giant hammer. Futo is Hiro’s best friend.

Suzume - she is the most fragile and swift of all the ninjas. Suzume uses her flute in battle. She has a special melody that makes her enemies dance in the middle of combat.

Suzume gameplay

Tora – he uses a pair of self-made tiger claws in battle.

Kunoichi – she is the youngest girl from the Mini Ninjas. She uses spear (Naginata).

Shun - he uses a bow as his main weapon.

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