Monday, September 14, 2009

Florensia – first impression


Florensia is a fantasy, 3D, sea and land MMOG, free to play and download.


The world of Florensia is consisted of several islands and a huge ocean. You can fight land battles and grow your character on the land or go and fight sea battles, construct your ship and hire your crew. Land gameplay is your average MMORPG gameplay - the character attacks mobs, gets experience, learn skill and so on.
Leveling up is available for sea and land battles separately. Your land level won’t affect your sea level.

Noble fighting.

At the beginning the game meets you with long tutorial screens but believe me you’ll need to know what you are doing. The land battles are somewhat alike many other MMORPGs but the sea battle is a way different. You need to know how to assemble a ship. You also need to know how to repair it and how to hire a crew. I recommend you to do all beginning quests and carefully read the tutorial.

To assemble a ship you need to talk to dockyard owner NPC.

Sea battles at the beginning feel a little strange. It is not your usual type of game. Sea navigation is somewhat hard but it is a great adventure. I don’t like the Torpedo ship anyway.

Torpedo Ship for apprentices.

You can use five different ship types - Armored Ship, Big Gun Ship, Assault Ship, Torpedo Ship or Maintenance Ship.

Florensia has four starting classes – Explorer, Mercenary, Noble and Saint. At level 40 you can start a class change quest.

Explorer – Uses mainly gun-type weapons. He can also use sword. Explorers have limited defense powers and can’t use heavy armors. At level 40 can become Snipers or Excavators.
Mercenary – mercenaries use swords (of course). They have high strength, high constitution and high defense powers. Mercenaries are weak against magical attack. At level 40 they can become Gladiators or Guardian Swordsmans.
Noble - nobles are the magic users in Florensia. They have AoE (area of effect) damage spells and weak defense. At level 40 they can become Magic Knights or Magicians.
Saint – The Saint is the game healer. At level 40 he or she can become Priest or Shaman.

You can make a choice – to be a pirate or to join the Royal army but I haven’t tried this yet.

She repairs your ship.

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