Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hello Kitty Online


Hello Kitty Online is cute, free-to-play, MMORPG. HKO combines gaming and social networks together, making the world of Sanrio Land unique place to make friends and have fun.

Gameplay and impression
Hello Kitty Online is relaxing and peaceful, maybe way too peaceful. It is centered on crafting and collecting resources rather than combat. Even leveling up is done through collecting resources and crafting. HKO has four types of recourse collection: woodcutting, gathering, planting and mining. Item crafting is also very important Players can obtain items through trading or through crafting. HKO has four skills for crafting – cooking, making tools and weapons, making clothes and making furniture.

Farming – players receive a farm upon entering HKO and it is the base source for in-game money.

HKO don’t have typical monster killing. The fight with the monster ends with the monster defeat without actually killing the mob. The weapons are also a little too funny.

When you defeat monster in Hello Kitty Online – you have a chance to obtain a pet card. A pet card can be used to make a pet from the monster. Pets can be very helpful - even in collecting resources. If a pet is fed regularly it level up.

Home sweet home
Players in HKO can build a house. The first thing necessary for building a house is a land certificate. You can obtain this certificate from npc or quest.

Social Networking
Hello Kitty Online is a type of social network. It encourages its users to interact and communicate like other networks (twitter, facebook). Players can blog, watch videos and send e-mails from the game. The Adventurer’s Journal is a special feature that allows players to post in their blog from the game interface.

HKO offers some cute and fun minigames and puzzles for its players.

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