Thursday, May 29, 2008

Zero Online

Free to play with shopping mall

Zero Online is a sci-fi, mecha, massively multiplayer online role-playing game with colorful anime style avatars, cool high-tech places and fighting vehicles.

Player can choose male or female pilot.
Male pilots units:
Artillery (range) - They start with unit called Icy Wing. At level 20 they can evolve and use Scorpio Shooter. Also they have evolutions at level 60(Hurricane Warrior), level 100 (Eternal Lord) and level 130 (Thunder God).
Infantry (melee) - Start with Wind Hunter unit. Their evolutions are at level 20 (Planet Power), level 60 (Zero Strike), level 100 (Comet Phantom) and level 130 (Planet Storm).

Female pilots units:
Artillery Units (range) - First unit name is Night Eagle. The evolutions are the same levels - Heaven Tear, Lightning Rose, Monsoon Waltz and Storm Goddess.
Infantry Units (melee) - Night Eagle, Heaven Tear, Lightning Rose, Monsoon Waltz and Storm Goddess.

A.R.M. (Automated Reserve Mech) is a unit that can be used to support battle. Characters can have two support A.R.M. units and switch their main unit to some of them.

Transformin System - it allows the mechs to transform into different forms.

Crystal System - in Zero Online crystals are used for buying items.

Mentor System - it helps the apprentice to share the mentor's potency and the mentor to have the apprentice contribution.

Level up
The unit and the pilot both can level up. Pilots have 22 ranks, the highest that can be obtained is CiC (Commander in Chief).

Squad battles are a form of mass pvp. A squad that occupy the battlefield for one day or longer receives a lot of prizes.
Fleet war - fight between two fleets - similar to castle sieges in other MMORPG.

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