Friday, May 23, 2008

Age of Conan (AoC) - Hyborian Adventures

Monthly payed game

Age of Conan is a fantasy MMORPG by Funcom. The game was released on 20 May 2008 for PC, and is scheduled for Xbox 360 in 2009. AoC is set in a fictional world created by Robert Howard - Hyborian Age.

Current playable races are Aquilonian, Cimmerian and Stygian. Also there are some rumors of more races later. Classes are Assassin, Barbarian, Bear Shaman, Conqueror, Dark Templar, Demonologist, Guardian, Herald of Xotli, Necromancer, Priest of Mitra, Ranger and Tempest of Set.

Some features
Real Combat System - an advanced combat system, that lets you choose every cut in real time, control your defense and fight on powerful mounts like war rhinos and mammoths.
Engrossing Crafting System - crafting system that allows making everything from weapons and armor to an entire city.
High level of character customization - both in appearance and skills.


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  2. This game seems to have a good twist with it. Considering along the graphics, this one is also good. The concept is realistic. This is a good game.


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