Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Age of Armor (AOA)

Site: http://www.aoaus.com/
Open beta stage

Age of Armor (AOA) is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game by Snail Game. The action is centered around the war of Global Federation (Earth) and the Arthur Republic (Mars). Age of Armor is a cool 3D mecha battle. (Mecha, meka- walking and fighting vehicle, looking like giant robot)

Races in Age of Armor are Natural Human, Enhanced Human and Neo Human.
Players must choose a side to fight for - Global Federation (Earth) or Arthur Republic (Mars).
AOA have different types of quests but some of them are critical to the character development.

How to make money in Age of Armor:
AOA have all the standard for MMORPG ways for making money - making quests, killing monsters, selling items but the easiest way to make money is to explore a crystal mine in the field.
Game servers:
Recruit Base (The Blue Planet) - newbie server without PVP or conquer war, monsters from level 1 to 30.
Armor battlefront (The red planet) - PVP server, monsters from level 20 to 50.
Frozen Planet (The White planet) - no PVP, monster from level 20 to 46.
Space Server (The Deepblue planet) - free PVP server, monsters from level 35 to 60. Here players can learn the secret behind the Age of Armor.
Dark Valley (The black planet) - hard dungeon places.

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