Monday, May 19, 2008

Eudemons Online


Eudemons Online is a fantasy MMORPG, set in medieval China style.
There are 3 types of characters - warrior, paladin and mage. All of them have male and female variant.
Eudemons are pets that can be trained and evolve like characters of "Pokemon". They can evolve two times at levels 20 and 40, changing their appearance according to their type. Every character starts with two eudemons.
Composing eudemons is a way to improve their abilities. There are different type of composing: main composing, initial attribute composing, sub-attribute composing, id composing and luck composing.
Legions are quite similar to "clans" in many other games. A player can create or join a legion and players within a legion can have different ranks.
PK System - players can pk freely. There are few zones forbidden for pk. Making a pk brings you pk points. A player name color changes according to these pk points. After a certain amount of points the color turns black. Characters with black names are put to prison after death. Also characters with red or black name color can drop items and equipment.

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  1. This is a game of its kind. It seems pretty interesting with the diversity of its characters up to the evolutions they undergo.


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