Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lineage 2 Kamael

Current post is an extension to this one.

L2 Kamael presents entirely new race - The Kamael. They have one wing and their powers are totally based on evil. Some of their skills use soul power - in order to use them one must collect souls. Male and Female Kamaels have different class paths.
Kamael update presents three new territories - Hellbound, Isle of Souls and Isle of Prayer.
Also new feature presented in Kamael are the fortress battles - seiges equivalent available 24/7.
Official Kamael Preview: http://www.lineage2.com/kamael_preview/

There are some unofficial Kamael servers like:

Currently l2j server community works on its own l2 Kamael emulator. You can find information about it on http://www.l2jserver.com/

Lineage 2 Kamael Movies:

Lineage 2: Female Fighter

Lineage 2: Kamael Transformation Trailer

Lineage 2: The Kamael: The First Throne

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  1. As I was browsing over some of the pages, I crashed on this page and now its getting into my nerves. This one would be a nice game for me, I think. It has these feature that has got me captivated. I hope to play this one soon.


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