Thursday, March 20, 2008


Official Site:
PlaneShift is a fantasy open-source MMORPG in development.

PlaneShift Trailer Video:


  1. This is yet another game that fits my standards. I guess, I would be playing with this game as soon as finish my current game. Can anyone tell me more about this game? Thanks!

  2. Honestly, if you're looking for gameplay don't bother with this.
    There is a SERIOUS lack of it. I played it a while ago for a long time, and I still check up on it, but I have not noticed one release yet that has really given any noticable gameplay elements to it. Combat is point and click, wait, repeat. Mining, is the same thing. The server is always dead. last I checked the community was nice, the graphics are decent, although the engine they're using isn't the best by a long chalk. This shows in the fact that the game demands a boatload of RAM, despite other games with graphics far surpassing it, needing half the RAM, and games with the same level of graphical detail needing only 512MB.

    Planeshift could be alot better, but until it stops the runescape-esque grindfest, and implements some actual gameplay into the strong roleplay bckground of the game, it's best to stay away.


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