Sunday, March 14, 2010

Atlantica Online – turn-based, strategic 3D MMORPG?!

Atlantica Online is a turn-based, free-to-play, 3D MMORPG game by NDOORS. It is a fantasy game but the game map represents the real world with some real places.
The game features beautiful, high-quality graphics, cool music and fascinating story line.

Atlantica Online has nine available classes:
  • Sword character – his strong points are defense and vitality
  • Spear character – he can hit two enemies at once
  • Axe character – he is the character with greatest physical strength. He can attack three enemies simultaneously.
  • Gun character – long range attacker who can attack three enemies at once if they are in a straight line.
  • Bow character – character with low vitality and high evasion, who can attack enemies from the back row.
  • Cannon character – he attacks up to five enemies in a cross pattern. This character has much vitality but relatively low action powers.
  • Staff character – with low vitality and defense, the staff character is a magic attacker who can also support allies with recovery spells.
  • Maniac – he can attack an entire row at once. This character can be creating only if a player has a 100+ character.
  • Musician – this character can attack two enemies in a line. Musicians have DoD(Damage over Time) magic.

Players do not fight alone like in the typical MMORPG genre, in Atlantica Online players are accompanied by mercenaries who fight alongside. New players obtain their first two mercenaries during the tutorial section of the game. There are several different mercenary types, each with its own strong points and unique style.

Cool turn based MMORPGs are relatively rare but Atlantica sure is one of them. The battle occurs in a separate world, the both parties are transferred there – it is a feature similar to Final Fantasy battlefields. Tactics plays great role here as the positioning of the character and the mercenaries is important for the final result of the battle.
The game offers PVP battles in different forms, guilds can even wage wars. The wars actually consist of pvp battles of max 3x3 players.



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