Thursday, February 18, 2010

World of Tanks – new PVP oriented MMO game

World of Tanks is new MMO action game announced just recently by WARGAMING.NET. The game would be focused mainly on PVP battles with wide range of modes like quick random battles, mini-missions, clan wars and more.
World of Tanks is promised to be free to play so I presume many people will try it. The game will feature variety of tank models from different historical events and countries.
Tiger tank, Soviet T-34, American 155mm M40 Gun Motor Carriage are some of the models mentioned on the press release.



  1. ИС-4 круче всех!

  2. This is not about how the experience ingame was. This is more about how does the service desk / moderators of there forums operate.

    To be honest I have no words for it and no it is absolutely not because they are so awesome good. It's the opposite of that...

    When ever there is maintenance there are users crying etc etc. So I type a famous sentence from an Australian comic called Chopper Reid. I will not type this sentence in here because I do not know if it's allowed on this forum. Instead of the F-word I mix the characters a bit and use that instead of the F-word. I receive a so called convo (email on and with forum support) that I am using swear words. I never typed the F-word as how it's spelled.

    I think to myself this is over reacted. So I reply to the "super moderator" and say that his actions make him nothing but a forum troll. Pats - BOEM - OINK I go from 3 days read-only access to 14 days of read-only access. A new reply from me explaining what I did and that the F-word mixed characters was used deliberately instead of the right notation of the F-word. That was not true was there opinion. It was swearing they said...

    As you already understand I did not accept that.

    The "super moderator" writes:" obey / follow our rules or your not the person we want in this game..."

    I dare him to ban me. He/she/it invites somebody to the 'convo' after asking several times he/she/it finally admits he/she/it invited a superior admin (according to them head of customer service of WoT. I check out the person and it seems they are personal friends in the game. So there is reason enough to argument that his/her/it opinion is heavy biassed. They start to put the pressure on me that I will loose my account and won't be able to play it. I should stop now or they have no choice to ban me.

    Suddenly I see a big ray of golden light shine on my head and I receive a divine idea...

    I start begging them for terminating my account / suspending it as they call it. The idea behind it is short and logical. I do not want to associate with WoT in any way nor for any reason.

    WoT does not stand for World of Tanks; WoT means in my book Well over the Top.


    - WoT is very proud to be seen as a global game. It isn't.
    - WoT thinks that they can dictate everybody out there.
    - WoT say they have a high and independent end-user desk that is end-user friendly. Believe me they are not.

    I could go on and on about it but I reckon you all get my drift. For the ones that do not believe me I have the whole conversation / mail exchange. I can prove what I wrote.


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