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Dragonica - Game Review



Dragonica is available in Europe since June, 2009 (Open Beta maybe). The European publishers are gPotato Europe - . In North America Dragonica’s publishers are THQ*ICE with official Dragonica site .
Dragonica is a free-to-play, 3D, side-scrolling, MMORPG. It sounds strange, isn’t it? 3D, side-scrolling MMORPG – my first idea was multiplayer, 3D Super Mario.

Gameplay - Arcade style battles
Dragonica gameplayDragonica gameplay
Dragonica features arcade style battles – with combos and keyboard controls. The basics of its gameplay are very easy but like the old arcade games there are many key and hit combinations, special combos and so on. The battles look very cool despite the fact that your first enemies are sheeps, bees and woods. You have a hit that throws the enemy at the camera and breaks your imaginary window/screen. I laughed a lot when I first saw it.
Quests – you have some bla-bla quests, for some time I started to accept all available quests without even reading what its all about. Maybe it is wrong, but the MMO games become more and more quest oriented. Or I got depressed from so many quests.

Missions/Mission Map
Dragonica offers special places for fighting or so called mission maps with stronger mobs, better experience and a boss at the end. The first mission map is relatively easy, any class can fight the mobs and the boss alone, but the higher level missions are very intense even for full party(four players).
Some bosses:
Dragonica Boss VagabondDragonica Boss

And the fun:
Dragonica BossDragonica Boss

Dragonica PVPDragonica PVP

Dragonica Classes
Warriors – The Warriors are the melee characters. They first profession change is at level 20 – they can become Knights or Gladiators. If you select a warrior – you will swing a huge sword for some time. I won’t argue the animation of fighting warrior is very cool. Also they are pretty powerful at the beginning. A bit overpowered maybe.

Magician – they can become Monks or Battlemages.
The Monk is the party healer. Their next profession after reaching level 40 is Priest.
The Battlemage is a damage dealer with weak physical defense. The next profession change at level 40 – Warmage.

Archer – if you like long-range weapons – the Archer is your type. Archers can become Pathfinder (with bow) or Arbalist (with crossbow). The next profession for the Pathfinder is Ranger at level 40. The Arbalists can evolve to Grenadiers. (Yep, Grenadier, have you watched the anime? Cool … eyes)

Dragonica Thief and Archer fighting boss

Thief – your standard thief class with high agility. They can evolve to Jesters (weapon: claws) or Assassins (weapon: katar). I haven’t tried this one yet.

Graphics and overall impression
The in-game graphics and animations are cool and somehow original. I like the sense of humor and the light-weight atmosphere. You have not to engaging fantasy world which is easy to share with friends. I like the sounds, views, impression and the idea, maybe I am a way too childish.

Dragonica Cinematic Trailer

Dragonica EU Gameplay Trailer

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