Thursday, June 18, 2009

Plants vs Zombies


Plants vs Zombies is a tower defense action-strategy game by PopCap Games. This game occupied all my attention for some time - I played few nights and during the daylight I behave just like a zombie. (Brains, brains, coffee)

Plants vs Zombies develops around some hungry zombies and your anti-zombie plants. There are several types of battles - during the day, during the night, on the pool and on the house-roof. Away from the main game course players can enjoy some puzzle zombie games, mini-games, plant night and day gardens to receive money, grow a tree of wisdom.
Plants vs Zombies player faces a lot of humor - starting from game names like "I, zombie", through dancing zombies, fun face expressions and many more.
The game have 49(I think) different plants, each with its own skills. Players can pick out many different strategies. There are also many different zombie types, my favorite is the newspaper zombie - but I won't ruin your game explaining all the details here. From the plants I especially like the Chomper - zombie eating flower with BIG teeth.

Zen Garden seems boring at first glance but it is the place I spent most time. However, I don't know why. I don't water my real plants often.

Plants vs Zombies sure deserves its high ratings all over the net. It is a cool and entertaining game, with cheerful graphics and fun gameplay. My overall rating is 9.0 from 10, one of the best in this genre.

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