Friday, September 14, 2007

Perfect World


Perfect World is a MMORPG based on the Chinese mythology by Beijing Perfect World.

Character Classes:
Humans use sword for flight and can improve land-base movements.
Wuxia-Warrior are warriors who can fight with or without weapons. Balanced both on attacking and on defending.
Fashi-Mage can use elements of water, fire and earth. They are damage-dealers and weak at defense.

Wing-Wing Elf
Wing-Wing Elves have wings on their backs and have abilities with air based movement.
Yumang-Elf Archer - long range battle char.
Yuling-Elf Priest - healer char.

Beasts are demi-humans, which fly on the back of the flying creatures for flight and have skills to swim better than others.
Yaoshou-Werebeast - can transform himself into a creature of vast strength.
Yaojing-Werefox - can tame animals to fight with them and also can awake the fox in them.

Game Features
- Territorial Battles
- Mount System for pets
- Personalized Clothing
- Guild/Clan System
- Marriage System
- Phone Lock

Horse Race
Treasure Hunt

Character Customization

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  1. I think that "Perfect World" game is better than WOW because of the fact that it has competing graphics, better spells,takes up less hard drive space.also did I point out that it is totally and most completely FREE!!!!!


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