Saturday, November 6, 2010

Harvest: Massive Encounter – survival strategy game

Harvest: Massive Encounter – survival strategy game
Harvest: Massive Encounter is an awesome (and I mean AWESOME) real time td and strategy game by Oxeye Game Studio. The game is not your usual tower defense type, but a unique, amazing and epic experience!

Gold rush! Yeah, gold rush in space! Everyone wants to be rich. You also head the opportunity but there are the nasty aliens who stay between you and your success!
Truly epic! But lets start at the beginning. The game starts with a small base with two power plants and some power links. Yep, everything needs energy, so the player will build power plants and links most of the time. The mining is very important, cause it’s the only way to obtain money. And depending on the mode the player will need to build its defense structures - lasers and missile turrets. The lasers are really cool – you can link them to obtain a high-power beam.

Some game tricks and cheats:
  • To build a structure faster click on it and choose the option to have all linked power nodes to focus their energy on it.
  • To expand the map - build structures at the edges.
  • Don’t forget to sell your harvesters when the nearest minerals are depleted.

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  1. I've played a lot of TDs being a warcraft and starcraft player. This one happens to be pretty fun in comparison. I would recommend checking it out.

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