Saturday, October 10, 2009

Knight Online


Knight Online is a popular MMORPG developed by MGame Corporation. The game is free to play and download, but with some premium services. The site here is the US official, there are also two other servers – the Korean and the Japanese.
Knight Online is set in a fantasy world of magic, knights and battles. Right at the beginning you are thrown in the conflict between two enemy nations and you must choose a side!

The game has four starting classes – Warrior, Rogue, Mage and Priest. The first job change is at level 10.

At the beginning every new player starts with a mission to defeat one big worm and save his future virtual friend – Seed (or Max). Your virtual friend will help you with information and tips about the game world.
Leveling up is similar to most other games – players obtain experience through killing mobs and doing quests, obtain stats points per each level and develop their character with great deal of individuality.
If you want to level up faster in Knight Online it is better to start some quests and fight mobs while doing the quests. Also you can improve your weapons and armor through crafting.
The in-game currency is called Noahs. Players can obtain Noahs through killing monsters, doing quests, trading and so on.

The game offers often wars, castle sieges and other events. Players can duel other players from their nation and fight for National Points and Ladder Points players from the enemy nation.

The game has many quests – very similar to many other MMORPGs – kill n mobs or collect m items.

Downloading the game.
I personally don’t like games without own client hosting. They redirect you to some big file sharing sites with a lot of ads and spam/scam content. On the official site you see that your download must be something like 900mb and on the file hosting servers you see 400mb exe. And all of them store an exe with different size. All file hosting servers listed in the official game site. So which is the correct one? I don’t know.
This is not very pleasant approach for a serious company and game. I am not sure I can trust such game. Maybe I haven’t seen the exe on the official site? I don’t like this part ruining otherwise marvelous impression.

Overall impression
Knight Online is a very good game with cool PVP system and fascinating gameplay. Very fast it became one of my favorite games.

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