Wednesday, April 22, 2009

GodsWar Online

Free to play and download

This week I start to play new MMO – GodsWar Online. GWO is a cute-looking 3D MMORPG by IGG. It is based on ancient Greek mythology.
GodsWar Online screenshotGodsWar Online screenshot

GodsWar Online has four classes – Warrior, Champion, Priest and Mage. Warriors use sword and shield. They are experts in the close fight. Champions use spear. They are attack oriented characters. Priests are the party’s healers. Mages – the standard mage character dealing large amount of damage.

Character creation video

The gameplay of GWO is a lot alike many other 3D mmorpg – it uses standard point and click for movements and fight. GodsWar Online is relatively fast and easy for leveling up.
GodsWar Online has auto attack mode(F12) so players can skip the boring leveling up or long quests. A character becomes a killing machine with the auto attack settings.
GWO has two factions – Sparta and Athens.

GodsWar Online screenshot
The game has many quests. Right from the beginning, the quests are the best way for earning experience and leveling up.
GodsWar Online screenshot

The beginning

What I don’t like
I don’t like the 45 degree visual angle. I prefer to have more freedom and I don’t like the 2D style that much.


  1. While the concept and leveling methods of the game are a nice break from the day to day grinding of most mmos.

    Godswar has a lot of problems with KSing, Stalking, Cussing and plain ill manner players. The cussing filters need work and after reporting the problem through live chat felt as if I was given a quick brush off.

    I do not recommend this game for your younger children. I have seen many of new players yelled and cussed at for asking a simple question on chat.

  2. yeah...
    i like this game also...
    it's very easy to play coz alot quest give alot exp so doesnt nid to lvling...juz do quest n get alot exp....

  3. guys im already 10 months in this game :)
    go to
    or http://
    hope u play this game..
    and make a character in USA server. Hades/Ares
    thanks :).
    IGN: [RJ]Dark

  4. Nice game... \m/ ^_^ \m/

  5. I started two days ago, and I'm already level 30!

  6. i started playing this 2 days server valentines.. its easy to level but there are many things that i don't know yet like the events.. i hope to know that soon..^_^

  7. i started playing a few days ago and i'm already level 20 something :D


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