Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sacred 2 - Fallen Angel


Sacred 2 - Fallen Angel is a fantasy RPG from the Sacred series. The action takes place in a massive and dynamic 3D world.
In Sacred 2 - Fallen Angel there are two playable campaigns - the "Light" side and the "Shadow" side.
Players can choose from six different, playable characters:

  • Seraphim

  • Shadow Warrior

  • High Elf

  • Dryad

  • Inquisitor

  • Temple Guardian

More features:
Modifiable combat skills.
Mounts - players can use horses like in Sacred 1. Also all the characters have a special mount for their needs.

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  1. Can anyone tell me how I play this game? I get a bit lost in this although I still find it really but I think it would be better if I get to have a deeper understanding in this game. Responses would be very much welcomed. Thanks!

  2. thank you madhuri for that reply :)
    are you an active player of this game?


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