Thursday, October 16, 2008



Lunia: Record of Lunia War is a 3D, action arcade MMORPG.

Linia is a little like the old arcade games. It has episodes and stages. You must pass through Stage 1 to 10 at least once before the next episode is unlocked. Completing certain quests can unleash secret stages.

The control over the character is done with the keyboard - the numpad is used for the 8 directional movement control and A, S and Spacebar are used for different attacks.

Currently there are six available characters:
Sieg - knight, melee character
Eir - healer
Dainn - wizard
Tia - thief
Lime - shape shifter
Dacy - summoner

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  1. This game, as I can see, seems to have its classic but new twist. I find it interesting that I think I will play it really soon. The graphics are in its sense is nice too.


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