Friday, January 4, 2008

DOMO - Dream of Mirror Online

US Site:
EU Site:
Status: Closed Beta for Europe

Dream of Mirror Online is a free-to-play MMORPG developed by Softstar. It is based on ancient Chinese mythology. The main part in the game story plays sacred artefact "the Kunlun Mirror".
With its beautiful anime style 3D world DOMO is a nice way to spend your free time.


  1. Great mmo, just what i was looking for after playing the pay to play mmo's.

    Aeria has alot of other MMO's on there site, AND you can play flash games, AND there's Boards for all there MMO's and a general board so you can get help just by signing on.

  2. Great game, lots of stuffs to do and also awesome community. If you like a free, fun, no stress game, I'd recommend DOMO for real. Also, Aeria provides with a lot more great games you can choose.

  3. The concept of this game is a bit different from what I used to play today but it still has got me curious with its good reviews. This game is interesting in my opinion but I still need to play it to know if it really is worth the time. Can anyone tell more about the game?

  4. DOMO is a great game where you justdo what you want. When selecign a character thee are our races: Human, Sprite, Shura, and Sylph. Each gives same bonses so pick what you want. You start out as a comoner and have basic skills. Whn you reach level 10 (by fighting a variety of monsters or doing quests, you can get a job. There are 13 job kinds (if Im not mistaken): Theif, Doctor, Martial Artist, Blademaster, Fencer, Mercenary, Wizard, Shaman, Merchant, Hunter, Musician, Dancer, and I think Witch Doctor. All jobs now have diferent skills, clothing, weaponry, and bonuses. To get a job you have to pass the qualification for that job. Each job has different qualifictions to test your skills. Once you pass the qualification, you have the right to go to the Dojo and change to that job. You could have one main job and one sub job.
    This game has great quality. It is basically Anime style and looks very cool. Allthe character look cute and very well developed.
    I talk too much. Lol just go to their site or wiki-Domo and you'll find more info. My frined gotme hooked and it is a truly nice game :DD

  5. i play dofus as wellJune 20, 2009 at 11:47 AM

    Ive just been reading D.O.M.O.'s reviews and their videos...I gotta admit, it looks so COOL! I am downloading it now and it is just 2 hours and 3 minutes and 39 secs...

    I cant wait to play it as well!


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